At Chao & Company we understand that wealth is not created for the sake of accumulation, but rather for a specific purpose. Thus, wealth management is customizing an investment portfolio for clients to realize their objectives. Unlike trading, where short term maximum return or gain is the only goal, wealth management aims to accomplish the desired outcome with the highest degree of certainty and within the client's comfort zone. This is very similar to hiring a driver for a transcontinental road trip. Once the destination is established, the discussion and experience is focused on the safety, comfort, efficiency and ride of the journey.

It is not about getting there the fastest, but the quality and soundness of the ride.

Identifying investment management objectives is an integral part of a well understood and thought-out process of growing, preserving and distributing private wealth. In investment planning and management we take the client’s specific objectives of saving for financial independence, reaching a specific financial goal, maintaining a certain level of income post-retirement or providing for a charity, endowment or a distant generation into careful consideration.

Top Down Bottom Up

To help clients achieve their goals, our institutional & wealth management offering adheres to a stringent process: